Monday, January 12, 2015

Save the Date

The wedding is getting ever closer, and I'm starting to get excited.  One of the most tangible things thus far has been the save the dates, which have just arrived and are due to go out in the mail tomorrow.

Josh and I made the cards ourselves, using Adobe Illustrator and printing them online.  They turned out really bright and fun, and we're happy with them.  The sketch was taken from a drawing I did for Josh years ago.  His office is littered with little pictures I make for him.  This was my favorite.

These are the final cards.  We'll be sending a simple invitation out when it gets closer to wedding time.

As the wedding gets closer, I'll be posting more information, like fun things to do in Little Rock and what to expect at the wedding.  Can't wait!

Thanks so much to our wonderful friend, Amber Griffith, for helping out with our logo.  You can see more of her work here.