Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dress Shopping and a Diet-Free Wedding

Often, when a girl gets engaged, that becomes time for her to launch into a full on weight loss campaign to look good for "the big day."  I admit, I had those thoughts myself.  Diets don't work for me, though, and I have spent a good long time learning to love my body, and I don't plan on depriving it.

I recently took a trip to New York to visit friends, and while there, I stopped off at Dolly Couture for some wedding dress shopping.  I love their dresses, because they have a fun and unique style, and the entire experience was amazing.  It was a small room in a low-rise building in Manhattan, which made me a little nervous.  Would they have dresses that fit me?  Would I find what I was looking for?  I did, and more.

Every dress I put on made me feel more beautiful than the last.  I never looked to see what size they were.  I just felt pretty.  Yvette, our Dolly ambassador, even commented on how easy the whole process went.  She said she had brides come in that were a size 4, and they said they wouldn't be happy unless they could walk down the aisle in a size 2 dress.  Screw that noise.  You should feel beautiful at any size.

(You don't get to see the final dress.  I'm saving that for the wedding.)

I love my body, imperfect as it is, so I won't be going on any huge weight loss campaigns for the wedding.  I'm active, and I love healthy food, and that's the most important thing.  Any brides out there that think they have to slim down for your big day, all I have to say is this:  Your partner loves you for who you are, so embrace that.  You should feel beautiful on your wedding, but the most important thing is to feel beautiful every day.